haiku no. 393

The piped-in jazz horns:

sedative for the rat race

while they sip coffee.

~Guillermo Delgado

haiku no. 183

Rich suburbanites

invade my Saturday spot:

first day of autumn.

~Guillermo Delgado
no. 183, Guillermo Delgado, 2012

no. 183, Guillermo Delgado, 2012

haiku no. 169

Weekend warriors:

folks with energy to spare—

no laborers here.

~Guillermo Delgado

haiku no. 161

Outdoor coffeehouse—

rebellion songs play over

trivial chatter.

~Guillermo Delgado

haiku no. 84

Straight-teeth young teen girls—

shiny iPhones and bank cards—

five-buck coffee drinks.

~Guillermo Delgado

no. 13

Lone robin singing—

three U.S. soldiers were killed;

we sip our lattes.

~Guillermo Delgado

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