haiku no. 275

Sun hangs low at noon—

red-tailed hawk perched in a tree,

what is its message?

~Guillermo Delgado
no. 275, Guillermo Delgado, 2012

no. 275, Guillermo Delgado, 2012


haiku no. 240

 Girls in hot pursuit—

peacocks dart for the bushes;

parents stare at phones.

~Guillermo Delgado

haiku no. 96

Cool breeze in my ear,

chirping birds perched next to me:

lending attention.

~Guillermo Delgado

haiku no. 91

Low-flying finches

swoop in front of my bike wheel;

first day of summer.

~Guillermo Delgado

haiku no. 77

Two wrens on the roof—

bath in morning golden light;

vacation starts soon.

~Guillermo Delgado

haiku no. 76

Sipping espresso,

warm yellow light shines on me—

listening for birds.

~Guillermo Delgado

haiku no. 53

Sparrow caught in net—

flutters upward to escape;

time to go to work.

~Guillermo Delgado

haiku no. 50

The sound of thunder—

sleeping children in their beds;

a crow is cawing.

~Guillermo Delgado

haiku no. 47

North Carolina—

your cardinals and dogwoods

outshine you today.

~Guillermo Delgado

haiku no. 35

Cardinals in a bush,

the Mourning Dove stands still—

gasping children watch.

~Guillermo Delgado

no. 35, Guillermo Delgado, 2012

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