haiku no. 400

Trees burst with light green—

Brewer’s Blackbirds peck at ground;

hodgepodge of insects.

~Guillermo Delgado

haiku no. 399

A cautious bike ride:

nursing my knee back to health…

sensation of flight.

~Guillermo Delgado
no. 399, Guillermo Delgado, 2013

no. 399, Guillermo Delgado, 2013


haiku no. 398

Young haiku poets

radiating on the stage,

there’s hope in this world.

~Guillermo Delgado

haiku no. 397

Billboard in the sky—

luring me with dollars signs,

blocks views of heaven.

~Guillermo Delgado
no. 397, Guillermo Delgado, 2013

no. 397, Guillermo Delgado, 2013

Special Event / Haiku Festival on Saturday April 27, 2013 in Chicago

April 27, 2013
Harold Washington Library Center

Guillermo Delgado photo
Guillermo Delgado

Haiku Festival Awards Ceremony
Cindy Pritzker Auditorium
10:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.
The ninth annual Haiku Festival Awards Ceremony features poets ages 8-14 reading their winning poems. The poets will receive certificates, cash awards and prizes, and read their original entries. This year’s guest poet/interdisciplinary artist is Guillermo Delgado. Other guests include Tatsu Aoki and Tsukasa Taiko Ensemble, traditional Japanese drummers.

Regina Harris Baiocchi is a composer, author and founder of the Haiku Festival, which offers workshops, readings and juried events. Guillermo Delgado is an interdisciplinary artist (printmaking, painting and poetry) who teaches arts and humanities at Michigan State University.

haiku no. 396

The sounds of chainsaws—

idling, revving, and grinding;

mourning the elm trees.

~Guillermo Delgado

haiku no. 395

On cool spring morning—

I sort, rinse, and soak the beans;

like my ancestors.

~Guillermo Delgado
no. 395, Guillermo Delgado, 2013

no. 395, Guillermo Delgado, 2013


haiku no. 394

New-formed buds busting—

ancient trees casting nets…

companions to homes.

~Guillermo Delgado

haiku no. 393

The piped-in jazz horns:

sedative for the rat race

while they sip coffee.

~Guillermo Delgado

haiku no. 392

Churchgoers are out—

the fluttering white ribbons…

against a pale blue.

~Guillermo Delgado
no. 392, Guillermo Delgado, 2013

no. 392, Guillermo Delgado, 2013

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